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Joplin Amateur Radio Club Photo Gallery

Several of the photos submitted from Hamfests and other events. To see the full size image click on the thumbnail.

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Since 1994 - The home of the JARC Hamfest.
The John Q. Hammons Convention/Trade Center

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Friday's final preparation for registration
Wayne Graham WBØAAN, Mac McNally W9NLA,
Jim Johannes NØZSQ, and Andy Gabbert KAØTUD.

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Jim NØZSQ welcomes Tom K4TTA,
and Doug K4DBR, of Memphis Amateur
Electronics - a new dealer in 2004.

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Jim Scott WBØIYC, 2004 Hamfest Chairman
explains the table assignments to one
of the many vendors.

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Some new hams photographed while visiting
with VE examiner Ray Brown KBØSTN,
and Steffen Wiest KCØNQE.

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Ron coit WØTQR and Larry Hendrix, WBØOYU
Larry was instrumental in starting the Joplin Hamfest
way back in 1990.

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Dwain Johnson WØCL, has been "hamming" it up
for as long as I can remember.

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At the "Remarkable SWR Meter" forum,
Don Cochran WAØJOW makes some adjustments
to the SWR bridge.

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ARRL representatives, SM Dale Bagley KØKY,
and Midwest Director Wade Walstrom WØEJ.
Both have given forums about League concerns.

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Dan of Associated Radio in Overland Park KS.
Helping a customer get a new rig.

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It was a good crowd in 2005, some browsing,
others shopping for that special deal.

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John Stucka N3JM is helping sell equipment
for Ken Johnston KCØVZ

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"ORB" Oklahoma Research Balloons had a table
where they were showing their Ham hobby to
prospective members.

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Jay Rupar KØETC, carefully instructs a
new ham operator on "hamfest shopping techniques"
and what to buy.

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Memphis Amateur Electronics has supported
our Hamfest for several years.

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Charlie Hansen NØTT makes the trek
to Joplin every year, and always has a
good selection of QSL cards.

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Phil Kennedy NAØX (back), and the boys
came in from Shell Knob, MO.

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Local ham Rob George WØTTM gives the camera
his traditional greeting.

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VE examiner Ray Brown KBØSTN, explains the
updated testing procedure to prospective hams.

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VE examiner Ray Brown KBØSTN is
assisted by John Tudenham WØJRP,
and Mark Mitchelson NØZPD.

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With testing underway, the volunteer
VEs keep a watchful eye.

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SM Dale Bagley KØKY hands an award for
Lifetime Achievement of Amateur Radio Service to
Letha Dangerfield WØOUD
1910 - 2003

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